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Traditional Buffalo Sauces:

3 Mile Island

Signature Sauces:

Honey Sriracha
Daytona Beach
General Tso’s
Chipotle Honey
Samurai Teriyaki
Parmesan Garlic

Dry Rubs:

Garlic Habanero
Lemon Pepper
Texas BBQ
Caribbean Jerk
Salt & Pepper

Hooters Original Style Wings

10pc = $17.99
20pc = $34.99
50pc = $78.99

The one and only! The style we invented over 30 years ago; they’re breaded by hand, tossed in your choice of wing sauce and served by your favorite Hooters Girl.

Smoked Wings

10pc = $18.69
20pc = $36.69
50pc = $82.99

Our traditional, bone-in wings are marinated overnight, then smoked over hickory chips to seal in that rich, smoky flavor. Choose from one of our three new dry rubs – Texas BBQ, Jerk, or Garlic Habanero – or get them hand-tossed in your favorite wing sauce. We’ve made hickory history.

Hooters Daytona Beach® Style Wings

10pc = $18.69
20pc = $36.69
50pc = $82.99

Another Hooters original. Naked wings tossed in our signature Daytona Beach® sauce. After they’re done, we throw them on the grill to sear in the flavor. They take just a little longer to cook, but like most things worth waiting for, you won’t mind a bit.

Roasted Wings

10pc = $18.69
20pc = $36.69
50pc = $82.99

We season ‘em up and roast ‘em crispy. All the flavor and juiciness stays locked in, and when you skip the fryer, you skip half the calories!

Naked Wings

10pc = $17.69
20pc = $34.69
50pc = $78.99

Traditional style. No breading, but just as good. Order them with your favorite Hooters wing sauce.

Boneless Wings

10pc = $17.99
20pc = $34.99
50pc = $79.99

Hand-breaded boneless wings served with your favorite Hooters wing sauce. And no bones, so they can get to your stomach faster.